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Haider left Iraq in 1991 due to the policies of Saddam Hussein. He lived in a refugee camp in Saudia Arabia for many years before being brought to the United States. In 1996 he went home to Basra for the first time since he had left. It was not only emotional to see family that he hadn't seen in 16 years, he couldn't believe the conditions in his city. Due to the fact that there is no infrustructure; the streets are full of garbage and sewage. Haider visited his nephew who is a doctor in the local hospital. He was told that in the hospitals they are sharing syringes, they have no gauze, blood bags, urine bags, and basics like antibiotics. One of the greatest needs that the Doctors are asking for is cancer medicines and a machine called an Amicus Blood seperator. At first we were surprised by these needs and upon further research we found that the incidence of cancer among children under the age of 15 in Basra has risen by 242% and Leukemia has gone up 100% since 1991. Iraqi Health Now is determined to help meet those needs.

2009 UPDATE Haider has been back to Iraq twice since his initial visit in 2006. The people there are most frustrated by the fact that there is very little electricity and no clean water. In the past three years IHN has sent 3,500 pounds of medicines and medical supplies in boxes, one twenty foot container full of medical equipment, medical supplies, clothing, food etc. and one forty foot container (May of 2009) full of all of the above plus 120 Hydraid bio sand water purifiers. These purifiers were distributed with the help of Mercy corps, Life for Relief and Development, and Imam. They were distributed in Basra, the Marshes area and in Nasaryha. Even with the purifiers there is still salt in the water so it is not good for drinking but the parasites and bacteria can be removed. What the people need is a new water treatment facility that cleans and desalinates the water.


An  Iraqi boy in the Children's Hospital in Basra


Dr. Ginan Ghalib Hassen , a pediatrician at the Basra Children and Maternity Hospital.


Haider teaching NGO's how to install a water purifier.


An Iraqi boy and his mother in the oncology  ward


Iraqi mother with her son in the oncology ward.