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Iraqi Health Now
PO Box 161
Paw Paw, Mi 49079

Phone Kathy at: 269-657-5266

Please spread the word that the people of Iraq must know that we care.

Connecting on a personal level is the strength of Iraqi Health Now. We will send supplies to the places where we know they are needed by communicating with the doctors first to see what they need. We are committed to letting the Iraqi people know that Americans care about what they are going through.

The Iraqi people deserve our generosity. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have already died in this war after many years of suffering under sanctions. It was their hope that after the war started that they would see an end to shortages of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Due to the chaos and violence that ensued, their dream did not come true.

Many NGOs and charitable organizations have packed up their offices and have left Iraq due to the lack of safety for their workers. The hospitals in Basra are overwhelmed as people from all over Iraq, especially Bagdad, are going to them for treatment as there is less violence in the south.

Our biggest concern was whether our packages would arrive safely in Basra.  We communicate with the doctors as to when a package will arrive and they are looking for it and comunicating with DHL. Postage for the basic medicines and medical supplies are our biggest cost but without other agencies working in Iraq it is essential that a grass roots effort like Iraqi Health Now gets these supplies to the hospitals. People to People! We have sent over 3,500 pounds of medicines and medical supplies in boxes.

In March, 2008 we sent a 20' container to Basra. It contained over 100 walkers, 50 sets of crutches, 15 wheelchairs, dried food, toys, soccer balls,
toiletries, over the counter medicines, etc. It arrived in May.


The doctors at the Basra Teaching Hospital receiving our first package. The man on the right is Dr. Dhergam Arif Mohsen, Haider's nephew.


This is the Basra doctors photograph of the supplies in our first "test" package.


Our first "test" package arrived on December 24, 2006!