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Iraqi Health Now --How the People of Kalamazoo Help the People of Iraq  

 Iraqi Health Now has sent aid to the people of southern Iraq  

since 2006. Bill Murphy and Haider Alsaedy traveled from village to village  

in Southern Iraq in 2009, delivering water filters and many other supplies donated 

by many in the Kalamazoo community and others from around the country.

 Bill recorded the trip on video, which Iraqi Health Now has now transformed into a 30-minute documentary. 


The footage features families living in very poor conditions and shows how they 

somehow survive in that environment. People worshipping and caring for their 

families, young people running and smiling and sharing what little food they 

have, and their gratefulness for the medical supplies, water filters, wheelchairs 

and walkers sent from Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Bill Murphy narrates their three week humanitarian experience in Iraq,

“We made new friends and fortified connections to last a lifetime.


This was not a journey of two men; it was a coming together of two communities in the spirit of goodwill, aid, and hope.” 

 How We Started 

Haider Alsaedy made his first trip home to Basra for the first time in 16 years and discovered a humanitarian catastrophe. When he returned to Kalamazoo, Michigan he starting looking for organizations that could help and together with friends, Kathy Murphy, Maia Storm, and Helen Salan, Iraqi Health Now was formed as a project of Healing the Children  Michigan/Ohio in 2006. 


Haider’s nephew, Dr. Dhurgam works at the  the Basra Maternity and Children’s Hospital. He told Haider about some of the most urgently needed items and IHN set out to meet some of those needs.

        Iraqi Health Now started by buying medicines and medical supplies from a mission source called International Aid in Michigan at a fraction of the cost. At first, over 3,500 pounds of  supplies were mailed to the hospital in Basra by mail. 

In the spring of 2008 a 20’ semi sized container with walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, clothing, dried food, medical and dental supplies were shipped. In the spring of 2009 another container was filled by the good people of Kalamazoo, this time a 40’ container with many of the same supplies plus 120 Hydraid BioSand water Filters.




 In July of 2010 we sent another container, again full of many donated and purchased supplies for the Iraqi people. This time lots of  shoes and socks for children as well as Igloo water containers that the people there have requested as since there is only 3-5 hours of electricity a day they can use these to keep drinking water cool.  Haider will meet the arrival of the conatainer in August and distribute the supplies with the help of our friends and volunteers in Iraq.




We are now collecting for our next container that will leave for Iraq in January 2011. We are hoping to send more of what we have sent in the past as well as some electrical generators for the families to share to keep food cool, run fans etc.

It would be great to have some volunteers that are knowledgeable about how we could help the families with solar panels--any ideas? Write me!! 


 We're interested in hearing from you!

Kathy Murphy.......Project Coordinator 
Iraqi Health Now



Haider with Hydroaid water filter near Basra.





Iraqi Health Now is a grassroots, people to people initiative.  Donors can directly see the positive effects of their donations helping the people of Iraq.

Iraqi Health Now,  a “project” of Healing the Children /Michigan-Ohio Chapter is dedicated to helping the people in Iraq and the refugees that had to leave.  



 The International Red Cross estimates that there are nearly one million widows in Iraq raising families with very little resources.




Less than 32% of the Iraqi People have access to clean water!   

Iraqi families are lucky if they have electricity more than 3-5 hours per day! 


           *There are no paid employees at Iraqi Health Now.  All of the people working for Iraqi Health Now donate their time. 

            *All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donations will go to help the iraqi people.

             Checks should be made out to Healing the Children with a notation in the memo for Iraqi Health Now.
             We are hopeful that you will be able to help us.

It is important that word spreads among the Iraqi people that there are Americans who are aware of their suffering and that they care.  You can join us and make the world a better place.

Volunteers in Kalamazoo after loading the second container.



The women of Gazaiza near Basra, Iraq help to separate the food before distribution.